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Land Classes


Group Exercise Classes focus on functional movement, strength and postural alignment. Classes range in intensity and are designed to make each participant feel safe and capable. Classes are designed to provide challenges that help encourage overall fitness while having a lot of fun!

Strength & Balance

Muscle strengthening and balancing exercises designed to create functional strength for real people who like to exercise safely. Work in a fun and accepting environment with a focus on Range of Motion and variations in exercise to suit individual needs.   Weights, bands and other equipment will be utilized.

45 min

Flow to Flexibility

Movement patterns borrowing from yoga and Pilates with gentle music and a head to toe flexibility focus. Come as you are and work toward where you can go. Class involves standing and floor work.

45 min

Wendy Walks

Get your steps in with friends. Neighborhood and park walks starting at the studio and branching out. In inclement weather, the challenge is to start moving in the studio and not stop until the hour is playfully finished.

Cardio Core

Cardio interval and core training incorporating a sequence of moves designed to improve cardio-respiratory fitness and improve strength and alignment. Wake up, work hard, leave sweaty and smiling!

45 min

Core off the Floor

Solidify your center without having to navigate the ups and downs of working on the floor. A class designed with powerful and purposeful core and trunk training to assist in functional movement, decreasing back pain, and improving postural alignment.

45 min

R, R & R…Roll, Release, and Relax

A class designed to teach you the principles of Self Myofascial Release to decrease pain, improve muscular function and alignment, and improve all over flexibility by stretching muscles post self massage. Then some great music is added with the opportunity to unwind, relax, and clear the mind. Say goodbye to stiffness and stress!

50 min

Strength Circuit

Stations set up in a circuit to provide full body strength training. Very customizable to intensify or to keep it real and safe. Lots of variety is presented with various types of equipment to keep the workout fun and challenging.

45 min

Open Studio

Want a space to exercise with coaching if you ask for it? Bring in your issues, intentions and a smile and learn a few exercises you can take with you!

50 min

Live and Try Training full trans back water 250.png

Water Class Structure improves cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. Classes are fun, challenging, and all abilities are welcome. Water provides an exercise environment that improves mobility and helps decrease pain. Great music and exercise equipment are featured in each class. 

Water classes are held in a warm salt water pool that is fully accessible. Features include a full ramp to access the water, varying depths of water to create individualized support and the pool has wrap around hand rails for additional safety. 

Warm Water Strength (At the AquaLife Pool)

Warm water exercise with a focus on functional fitness, strength, and fun! Get your workout on and make a splash doing it!

Click here for helpful hints before you attend a water class. 

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fun!


Personal Training



  Personal Training should be just that...personal. Together we design routines that are directed toward your goals with respect for your individual ability. We train to maximize your desired result while creatively navigating around difficulties or pain. Individual training programs are tailored for each persons ability, life experience, and incorporate elements of fun with function.